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Laboratory analysis

Greenhouse and glasshouse

Tomato, cucumber, pepper, eggplant, golden rose and strawberry growing service is carried out by our specialists in glass and polycarbonate greenhouses.


Agriman Consulting specialists grow any type of fruit in orchards and provide you with high-quality products. There includes apple, pear, peache and flat peach, cherry, nectarine and flat nectarine, pomegranate, almond, walnut etc.

Open field

Outdoor farming is always challenging. The size of the territory, uncontrolled border, changeable weather conditions increase these difficulties even more. Based on the long-term experience of our company's specialists, we bring you healthy and high-quality products from fields. We offer you the cultivation of grain, barley, corn, soybean and suger beet crops.

Agriculture advisory services


Project management


About us

Since 2016, Agriman Consulting LLC has been providing services in 3 directions in the field of agriculture. The company's strategy are based on consulting services, project management and laboratory analysis services. Small farmers or large organizations will get high-quality service and products through our services.

About us